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What Is Anti-Bribery ISO 37001?

General definition and function of the International Standard Organization (ISO)

We many times hear about the ISO standards without knowing what they actually are. ISO standards come in many different categories depending on the industry and specific area being handled. When we talk of an ISO, then we can think of it as an International Body that has the responsibility of setting standards for various activities and processes that are done by the companies, organizations, and institutions. In simple terms, ISO standards are to protect the consumers and end-users from overexploitation by the suppliers and manufacturers.

The consumer or end-users of the products and services offered by these organizations, institutions, companies, and retailers have the right to get quality products and services. That is why there are standards. ISO standards are accepted worldwide and used by different organizations. An ISO Certification is an assurance that a consumer has on the service or product that he or she is using. That is why many people prefer companies and organizations that are ISO Certified.

The specific definition of ISO 37001

As we have already mentioned, there are different categories of ISO standards depending on the industry and functions. In this case, we are going to talk more on ISO 37001 and get to know what it is all about. Many people get confused with the different ISO standards and the numbers attached to them. The numbers, and sometimes the prefixes, are used for identification purposes. For instance, AS9100 is an identification that will automatically tell you that you are talking about the ISO standards in the aerospace industry.

The ISO 37001 is a certification standard for Anti-Bribery Management System published in 2016. This is now classified according to the functions and not the industry as was the case with AS9100. This ISO standard functions to help organizations in creating an effective Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS) to help in mitigating the risks of bribery.

Bribery is a vice that affects both large and small organizations and companies. To control it, the ISO came up with the standards that govern the establishment and maintenance of an effective ABMS. There are many negative effects of bribery that we are not going to exploit in this article because we already know them. Some of them are the unfair rewarding of contracts and recruitment of the unqualified individuals to a company.

With the ISO 37001 standards, it is very much expected that your organization or company will be able to reduce the cases of bribery if not eliminating them.


Anti-Bribery ISO 37001 at a glance

There are many clauses defined in this standard that we cannot exploit in such a short post. However, we are going to briefly mention key areas of this category of ISO Standards. Even when you will be looking for an ISO 37001 certification, you shall have known what is expected of you.

First, the standard requires that an Anti-Bribery Compliance Function appointed has competence, authority, and independence. This clearly tells that its functions should be handled without interference, whether internal or external. If, in any case, the appointed Anti-Bribery Function cannot operate independently, then your organization can not get ISO 37001 certification or will lose its certification status if had been certified.

Since the investigations on any suspected issues are done independently, an honest report is expected. This report us relayed through a well-defined whistleblowing program that is also independent, anonymous, and free from any form of intimidation. This ensures that no one is spared. If you are caught in the act, whether you are the CEO or just a junior employee, then you are held responsible, and you need to face the consequences.

The last thing that we will discuss, and it doesn’t mean the end of clauses in ISO 37001 standards, is about the necessary recommendations that are put forth by these standards. Many activities and processes that may encourage bribery in an organization. Some can be avoided while others are noted. ISO 37001 requires that you use cashless methods in all transactions where possible as they can be transparently tracked. Also, all the particulars from gifts and charity donations should be made public. A transparent recruiting and tendering process should be in place. An ABMS is responsible for checking all these and ensure that they are up to the standards is you are to get ISO 37001 certified. You can get more information by checking on our homepage.

Who is ISO 37001 for?

Unlike other ISO standards that are industry-specific, ISO 37001 cuts across all industries across the globe. In one way or the other, you are battling with the bribery-related cases within your organizations. If you don’t have any active cases yet, then you may be silently suffering the side effects of bribery. Your company might have lost a tender that it deserved because of bribery or you may be having an incompetent employee that found your way into your organization through bribery.

From the above statement, we can confidently say that ISO 37001 is for everyone that is in the business sector and other sectors of the economy. You may take it lightly, but the benefits of getting certified are more than what you can imagine.

Do you need ISO 37001 Certification?

The Anti-Bribery ISO 37001 is key for your continued success in business. Many people now prefer tendering ISO certified organizations and companies. You also stand a chance to get top employees on the market. Moreover, you have higher chances of winning and maintaining clients as ISO 37001 certification is a mark of transparency and fairness.

If your organization is not certified yet, then you should contact ISO-Pros for certification. And if you are already certified, you will need our auditors to help you in maintaining your certification status. You have to note that the certification is renewed every three years with regular surveillance done every year.

Contact us if you need ISO 37001 certification or any other information regarding ISO standards that your organization needs to maintain. We are experts who are ready to help you at any time!