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Getting Certified & Implementing ISO 37001?

General Overview of Anti-Bribery Iso 37001

At a glance, you can say that ISO 37001 is a tool that helps different organizations in developing and maintaining integrity. It is the only way through which you can improve the transparency of all the activities that are going on in your organization. It offers a pathway to integrity. Provided that you have an effective Anti-Bribery Management System, you don’t have to ever again worry about bribery and other related frauds within the organization.

ISO 37001 has been used by a handy tool by the organization, its stakeholders, investors, business partners, and any other person related to the organization to understand the status of the organization regarding bribery. It is an investigatory and reporting tool that creates a conducive environment for the appointed editors to work indecently and accurately report to the company.

The Core Steps and Concrete Measures of ISO 37001

ISO 37001 is not a very difficult standard to understand. There may be some technical terms used that you may not understand, but we will put everything to light in simple English. You don’t have to go through the entire document, though encouraged if you have time. We have summarized its content in the following section using seven basic steps.

You may be having an Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS) in place, but that will be nothing if it is not implemented. ISO 37001 requires that you establish and implement this system to comply with the obligations and anti-bribery laws that are in place. It is for your own good as an individual or an organization to comply and not to violate even one of the laws or standards that are in place. You gain by getting the trust of clients, suppliers, investors, etc.

The ISO 37001 standard requires that every organization establish and implement an ABMS with an independent manager. This independence is only possible if there is no conflict of interest. The standards further dictate that the ABMS manager should ensure the implementation of anti-bribery policies.

The most important part of ISO 37001 is the development phase where every organization is mandated to develop an ABMS that seeks to address all the bribery risks that are specific to the organization. If anything goes wrong during this development phase, then the system will turn out to be very defective and will never meet the requirements of the ISO 37001.

All the employees and those involved in the management of the organization should be trained regularly on the updates of the standards and how to comply with every anti-bribery policy. It is the role of the ABMS to ensure that this happens.

A lot of things are involved in the development of an ABMS. The standard has a guideline on how to develop an effective system. For this reason, a review of the system against the set standards is conducted once the development phase is done.

ISO 37001 requires that a detailed review is conducted on all the transactions, personnel, employees, and stakeholders. Business partners and investors may also be included in high-risk cases of bribery. This process is mainly for identifying and categorizing all the risks and how effectively can they be handled.

This is the stage of actualization of everything found out on any employee, business partner, suppliers, and other people involved in the daily operation of the organization. Execution is done according to what is outlined in the review. Again, everything should be documented for record purposes.

An ABMS is not a one-time thing even if its execution was successful. You should continuously monitor, investigate, and report any bribery cases for execution. This is a continuous process that is done through the entire cycle of business operations.

ABMS requires regular improvement. That is only possible when you are proactive in scrutinizing the process to improve it, and any future violations can be prevented from the experience. This is greatly documented in the 10th section of ISO 37001 that addresses the issue of ABMS improvement.


What are the requirements for ISO 37001 Certification?

You may be interested in getting an ISO 37001 certification for your company. That is good, but do you know the requirements? An organization is required to develop and implement an Anti-Bribery Management System that operates according to the standards outlined in the ISO 37001 itself to help in curbing bribery. That is not negotiable if you have to get the certification that is very beneficial to you.

In simpler terms, an organization is required to have the following best practices to be considered for ISO 37001 certification:

  • Implement anti-bribery policy
  • Show proper management leadership, commitment, and responsibility
  • Regularly train all the personnel on compliance and have control over them
  • Carry out risk assessment procedures according to the standards
  • Have high integrity and transparency on matters of finances, contracts, and other commercial processes
  • The reporting, monitoring, investigating, and reviewing should all be done independently according to well-laid-out procedures
  • Outline corrective actions for all possible bribery cases and continual improvement of the system based on the cases identified.

How to get Anti-Bribery ISO 37001 Certification

We may have not included everything that needed to be included about the ISO 37001. However, we have given you an insight into what is about and what your organization needs to get certified. Certification is done through third parties that are licensed to do it. That means that you will be working with qualified and experienced auditors during the certification process.

Certification is done at your own convenience. If you have an effective ABMS in place and need certification, then you can rely on ISO-Pros to walk you through the process. When hired, we will come to your organization for day one of auditing. We are all experts with many years of experience in auditing organizations across all sectors.

ISO 37001 certification with ISO-Pros is a cost-effective process that will give the reputation that you need. Just contact us to discuss everything that you need and what you stand to gain for using our services.